Artist's Statement

From my first childhood drawings there has always been an impulse within me towards new experiences and self discovery.  As I grew from a child copying the images from Christmas cards onto brown paper bags into a young man trying to paint one good painting, and later as I became an adult striving to make a living from my calling, my life’s goal has been to be a good painter.  No matter the role I am playing, whether it be that of printmaker, gallery owner, teacher, or author, business man, traveler, husband, or student, my will has always been bent towards that one goal of living genuinely as an artist.

Painting has become for me a balance between the inertial thrust of ideas and the subliminal nature of the aesthetic impulse; I have strived for a balance between what I think and what I feel.  Since 2001 I have devoted my attention to a series of figuratively based abstractions.  The result is evident in the work, which I will leave to others to evaluate.