MILL Contemporary is pleased to announce a special exhibit of unique stamp art created by 96-year-old artist, Shirley Baskin Familian. This exhibition will take place June 3 -24 2017, with an opening reception Saturday, June 3, from 4- 6 pm.

Familian explores the infinite possibilities of postage stamps as pattern and design material. Using stamps like mosaic tiles or fabric swatches, she composes collages that recall quilting, tile work or Indian mandala designs. A sense of order is created amid the array of colors and patterns, and while the process is repetitive, the result is always unique.

Postage stamps remind the artist of tiny paintings or prints. These artworks straddle the line between abstraction and representation, with each stamp serving as a tiny constellation within a large universe. When seen up close, the detail of each stamp repeated in the patterning creates a whole new design. From afar, the stamps are not recognized as such, and create a geometrical pattern that fuses the colors into a cohesive design. Each art piece features specific stamps, each telling a story.

The body of work featured in this exhibit includes three-dimensional objects: rotating cubes and spheres, and actual everyday objects transformed into ‘something else’ with a ‘stamp story’. There are also two-dimensional panels: a triptych and wall hangings of various shapes and sizes.

Ms. Familian has created an original piece for a silent auction, with proceeds benefiting the Education and Outreach program at SITE Santa Fe. Bids can be offered during this exhibition at the gallery.