Russell Baldwin

Born in 1950, Russell H. Baldwin grew up on the west coast. Time spent on the beaches of southern California set the stage for a lifelong interest in color, shape and atmospheric light. As a teen he and friends would set out before sunrise, surfboards in tow. But, it was sunrises and clouds that caught his attention more than the surf. Evenings on the beach also shaped his fascination with the horizon, harsh lines against brilliant colors peaking just before that illusive "green flash."

Relocating to Arizona in the late 60's, Baldwin again was struck by dramatic skies, this time those of the desert. IT was here that he met an art teacher who encouraged him to take his experimentations with art seriously. After dabbling with pen, pencil and oils, Baldwin discovered soft pastels, which became his medium of choice. A wide range of pure pigments and soft textures were a perfect match for his style. Largely self-taught, Baldwin has developed his own unique technique of blending pastel chalks resulting in soft, often dramatic, impressionistic landscapes and seascapes.

Now a Santa Fe resident for almost 30 years, Baldwin feels fortunate to live a semi-rural lifestyle on the side of a hill southeast of town. His first art instructor, now his wife and muse, and he share a studio overlooking the Galisteo Basin, a view which offers endless challenge and inspiration.