SeeScape: Verne Stanford

Verne Stanford has been a producing visual artist for just over 40 years.  He has produced and exhibiting his work in Europe, Latin America and 18 United States.  His work has consistently concerned pattern and elegant content.  Influences include William Blake, Robert C James and Jan Dibbets.  With over 50 exhibits, works in major collections, and years spent traveling and teaching Stanford now exhibits work-on-paper with Mill Contemporary in Santa Fe. 

In the last several years Stanford’s work has gone from solid three-dimensions, to shallow-high-relief, to flat two-dimensional works on paper.  Stanford studied art in Newport Beach, California, The University of Oregon, The Royal College of Art, The Leicester College of Art and Design, and The Penland School.  He has received the Oregon Achiever Award from the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts for “exemplary achievement and contribution to the public for distinguished alumni”, and also the American Crafts Council’s Gold Medal for Penland School’s contribution to the American Crafts movement.  

“I most often see myself as a designer, as a designer searching consistently for some striking elegance, for a particular set of patterns to open themselves to me, for that string of related ideas that suddenly burst forth to be seen in a new way.  For me then the process is exciting, it is an exciting challenge to stay receptive to unexpected vantages, exciting to push and to built upon some graceful insight, recognize it, honor it, present it back with a frame around it, to give some visual isolation to a particular point and through that effort to converse with an informed viewer.”