Frank Peacock

The son of a New Mexico pioneer family, Frank Peacock has lived in communities as diverse as San Francisco, Mexico City, and Amish Pennsylvania. As a National Landscape Painting Competition finalist, his paintings, pastels, and etchings are in private collections worldwide.

Known for dramatic color and texture, Frank’s work has been included in museum, cultural center, and university exhibitions across the United States. With works once dedicated to the everchanging landscape, and then the mystery of ancient American symbols and imagery, he now dedicates his skills to the majesty, grace, and hope intrinsic to Nature’s praise forms.

During the past two years Frank has studied, drawn, and painted the woods and orchards of New Mexico from the apple trees of Rio Arriba County to the pecan trees of Dona Ana County rendering the orchards in a style uniquely his own. From the Black Twig Apples of Velarde to the Stahmann pecan orchards, including the “Awesome Woods” of Fairacres New Mexico, Peacock’s drawings and paintings express the individual beauty and personality of each orchard.