Elements: An Exploration of Fragile Environments

Exhibited works

ELEMENTS: An Exploration of Fragile Environments
MILL Contemporary, 702 ½ Canyon Road, Santa Fe NM
MILL Contemporary is located in Gypsy Alley on Canyon Road in Santa Fe

MILL Contemporary is pleased to announce ELEMENTS: An Exploration of Fragile Environments. The exhibition showcases the artworks of Allison Stewart, Patrick Adams and Angela To, three artists who reflect their concerns for nature through their paintings.

The exhibition will take place August 4th –August 28th, 2017, with an opening reception on Friday, August 4th, from 5-7 pm.

Allison Stewart’s paintings express the complex and disturbing dialogue between man and nature. Trained as a biologist, Stewart is inspired by increasingly fragile environments and the ultimate interconnectedness of all living things. Residing somewhere between realism and abstraction, her paintings become visual diaries upon which she records her responses to the threatened landscapes.

Patrick Adams has been painting images of the landscape for over twenty years. He tries to convey a sense of the majesty of the created world through the poetry of paint. Adams is interested in far more than producing a painting with a likeness of a particular place, he strives to capture the essence of the landscape. His work begins in the observable world, but attempts to go beyond the surface of things.

Angela To’s subject is the natural landscape and she is particularly drawn to flora because of its abundance and its endless variety of form and color. She is captivated by the seemingly incongruous and sometimes fantastical color combinations of nature along with the intricacies of repeating forms.

The exhibition runs through August 28th.