Artist Statement

I would summarize my work in three words; "Make Thought Visible." IF I can imagine it... I love the challenge of trying to create it. This is not at all a new thing for an artist to embark upon, however I frame it with contemporary images of relevance at a time of environmental global consciousness.

Many of my works are describing physical events that could not happen in real time, but stimulate the imagination to ask, "What if?" We do not understand all forces that exist in the universe and I enjoy stimulating the imagination to describe the physical world as a mystery. I love the challenge of deception and distortion of perception. The latest global consequences regarding the health of the planet has brought much attention to the uncertainty of our future. I try to address distortion of physical laws of nature to remind us we cannot take assumed patters of behavior for granted. Things now more than ever, are not what they appear to be. At the core of my work is the need to express my passion for the world we are leaving out children.

All my work evolves from life experience, observation and previous bodies of work. "Do the work and it will teach you." Finally, just the beauty of an image, abstract or recognizable, speaks volumes as it entertains and nourishes the mind, the soul and the imagination of those who take the time to see it.