Catherine Eaton Skinner

Catherine Eaton Skinner works out of her Northwest and Santa Fe studios as a multidisciplinary artist, incorporating painting and encaustic, sculpture, printmaking and photography. Growing up east of Seattle, she then received her B.A. in Biology from Stanford University in 1968, while studying art under Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell. The figure, human and animal, is an important element in her work and acts as a source of inspiration and exploration of identity, spirit and the paradoxes of human existence. Her work explores the natural world, its intricacies and energies that require a fine balance. Often using the Eastern philosophical number of 108, Skinner uses repetition of sacred forms, reiterating both the artistic and the spiritual dissolution of the self into the whole. The five elements – earth, fire, water, air and space, foundations of the universe - also interact significantly in her work. 

Her paintings and sculpture may be seen at Abmeyer+Wood Fine Art in Seattle, Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor, and The San Francisco Art Gallery. Her work is in numerous private and public collections including Museum of Northwest Art, The Henry Art Gallery, Tacoma Art Museum, Virginia Mason Medical Center and Swedish Orthopedic Institute. She has been accepted in many juried shows, nationally and internationally, including a solo show in Tokyo. In 2008 she released a book of her original art titled Unleashed, and her art is featured in the books, Speak For The Trees (2010), Art of Discovery; Exploring a Northwest Art Collection (2010), and Others Will Enter The Gates: Immigrant Poets on Poetry, Influences and Writing In America (cover art, 2015). 

Aside from working in her studio, Catherine has committed support to many non-profit organizations including: Pratt Fine Arts Center, Northwest Aids Foundation, Art Space, Santa Fe Art Institute, Artworks For Aids, the Henry Art Gallery, Children's Hospital Foundation, Art Fair, Artist Trust, the Seattle Foundation, SITE Santa Fe, and Global Partnerships. Her three married children, living in NYC, Brooklyn, and Seattle, keep her traveling to visit 6 ever growing grandchildren. Nellie and Maddie, her two Jack Russells, are with her daily in the studio.